Scheduled Portal Update

The following features will be included in our portal software Feb, 26, 2008 at 2:00 AM, EST

 - Can now upload images instead of using a image URL

Event Calendar
 - Added HTML Editor to the description
 - Events show events by month

 - Using the rating system for rating a FAQ

File Libraries
 - Added new upload control with a flash progress bar
 - File libraries now support up to a 2 GB upload

Added new easier to use admin interface to the following modules
 - Advertising
 - Affiliate Program
 - Alumni Relations
 - Articles
 - Auction
 - Business Directory
 - Classified Ads
 - Discounts
 - E-Learning
 - Event Calendar
 - FAQ
 - File Libraries

The new admin interface includes the following to the modules listed above
 - Add and manage content without going to a specific category
 - Can filter content by category, portal, and keywords
 - A new ID numbering scheme for better indexing of data
 - New layout when adding content
 - Can approve or unapprove multiple postings at one time

Added the following modules to approval chains
 - Articles
 - Business Directory
 - File Libraries

We are currently adding the rest of the modules to the new admin menu's and making every module consistent with approvals, custom fields, ratings, comments if they don't have them.
We also would like to announce that we currently provide a new beta site if anyone is interested in testing out features before they become available to the public. If your interested please contact us at