SepCity CMS 1.5.1 Update

Added: RSS Feeds for the articles, news, downloads, business listings, classifieds, events, FAQ's, forums, shopping mall products
Added: Members profile image to the user information page
Added: Converted the portals module to the new framework
Added: Converted the weather forecast to the new framework
Added: Converted the horoscopes to the new framework
Added: Converted the international news to the new framework
Added: When searching for a member in the administration console you can now search by email address
Added: Member profile image to the messenger module
Added: Users can tell which messages in the messenger that are read or not
Added: User profile image on the who's on-line module
Fixed: Paging on the user profiles if there is more then 20 profiles
Fixed: Sending out mass messages in the messenger does not time out any more
Fixed: When changing the web site template in Chrome the styling wasn't working correctly
Fixed: Error when editing content in the content rotator module
Fixed: Uploading a MP4 file in the downloads module wasn't saving correctly
Fixed: Styling issue when going to the advance file manager in the administration console