Portal Software Update

Portal Software Update
Posted on Friday, May 13, 2011

SepCity Support team is pleased to announce that we will be performing an update Monday May 16th at 8pm ET. This update will include the following system enhancements.

1). Added iPad support to the HTML editors
2). Setup option For Text to show on the affiliate image page. (HTML is supported)
3). Setup option For a specific Page to return users to when they click the affiliate image from a referring web site.
4). website template builder has been added under site looks to allow you to change the looks of your website without any HTML knowledge.
5). Added the Not on a Menu items that are installed by default on the main website to the Portals module
6). There is now a quick "Edit Page" link on the portals
7). The Dashboard in the admin console has the usernames and orders linked to edit the records
8). When coming from search engines such as "Google"  the keywords on your website will highlight that the user searched for
9). Added a check if your users have cookies enabled on the login page, if their cookies are disable we will display help on enabling cookies to the user
10). Added text on the user side when AN item posting has been successful or if the posting is waiting for site admin's approval
11). Changed the looks of all the buttons in the system to look more enhanced
12). When THE site admin is adding/uploading an Affiliate image the admin can now target that image to a specific "Portal"

NOTE: This update will modify a line in your template.master and colors.css files so after this update, if you are GOING TO BE changing your site looks please be sure to get the latest template.master file FROM your website to edit.

If you have any questions or issues please do not hesitate to contact us