Portal Software Update

We would like to let you know that we will be installing a new update to our web portal software on Saturday February 26th at 12:00pm ET. This update will include the following enhancements to our software.

1). Added top newest discounts to the web page editor
2). Added insert discount categories to the web page editor
3). Added lightbox when viewing pictures in photo gallery
4). Added slide show to photo albums
5). Added security option to manage group lists
6). Added security option to manage the site looks
7). Added security option to view error logs
8). Added security option to view/edit user activities
9). Added security option to edit the pointing system
10). Added time offset option to the general setup under website setup
11). Improved the Google maps to business directory and real estate module
12). Added new alert boxes when forms are missing required information
13). Added record paging when managing zones
14). Added PayPal to the user pages module when users create pages in the web page editor
15). Added a new calendar when users click on date fields in the forms on your web site
16). Added option for FaceBook like icon in business directory and articles
17). Added "Enable users to select a membership on the signup form if two memberships are free."
18). Paying membership options show on signup form now to select a membership instead of an additional page so users know how much it costs on your website before feeling out the signup form
19). Added the user profiles to approval chain
20). Added the match maker to approval chain
21). Added the links module to approval chain
22). Added the photo gallery to approval chain
23). When editing the default portal pages you can have the same page show up on multiple portals

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at anytime