Portal Software Update

We will be performing an update this upcoming Sunday December 12th at 9:00pm ET. This update includes the following enhancements to your web portal website.

  1. Add country when viewing a user profile
  2. Add eSelect Plus payment gateway
  3. Add Google checkout payment gateway
  4. Add check/money order option for payment gateways
  5. Custom fields can now be organized into sections
  6. Change the category search options when adding/editing an advertisement or pricing option so its easier to manage and better performance in target-advertising.
  7. Added legend in user pages when creating a template
  8. Fixed site looks so you can now download templates for portals
  9. Weather forecast now works in the Neitherlands
  10. Added online games to portals module
  11. Added user pages to portals module
  12. Added record paging to user pages guestbook entries
  13. Added setup options under general setup to require address, phone number, gender, PayPal account, birth date when new users signup
  14. Added option to open signup agreement in new window or the agreement will show on the signup page
  15. Added option to edit section text on the signup form and description
  16. Can insert / remove default event types
  17. Can insert / remove default job titles
  18. Can insert / remove default postcards
  19. Can send newsletters to group lists now
  20. Can now add fields to automatically populate in the email templates
  21. Added verification image to forms
  22. added verification image to contact form
  23. You can specify a list of email addresses to send newsletters from under general setup, newsletters.

If you have any concerns or questions you can always contact us at anytime.