Portal Software Update

We will be performing an update Friday night at 11:00 PM ET, 7/2/2010 with the following enhancements:

  1. Signup, instead of random passwords we change the option so users click a link to validate their email so users can still enter their own password
  2. Added an option to the discount coupons so the default bar code image doesn't show (General Setup, Discounts)
  3. Added an option to hide the friends list on the signup form without disabling the entire module (General Setup, Account Management "Ask users to approve friends.")
  4. Fixed bug in shopping mall when adding a product to the shopping cart so it stores the correct date
  5. Added Dutch language option
  6. Added the provinces for the Netherlands
  7. Added map to real estate module
  8. You can add a link to the classifieds such as classifieds.aspx?DoAction=Featured and the classifieds will just show all of your featured ads

Should you have any questions or comments then please contact us at anytime