New Update to our Portal Software

We would like to announce that will be installing a new update this upcoming Saturday (January 30th 2010) at 9:00 pm ET. This update includes the following enhancements and fixes.

Advertising Module
1). Added record paging to the advertising module enabling the site admin to click next to view 
the next set of ads as opposed to viewing all of them on one page. 
2). Added an end date field enabling the site admin and advertisers to enter the end date of the advertisement, so the site admin can run a "per month", "per 90days"...etc
3). The administrator's Advertising module console has been Redesigned for easier management of the ads
4). Added a "Description" field to each Ad, enabling the site admin to enter personal reference note to that Ad.
5). Ad pricing enhanced so when adding a Ad price site Admin can specify max exposures/clicks, target zones, modules, categories and portals within a pricing plan.
6). Advertisers can upload their banner Ad image when purchasing an Ad space (Freeing site admin to focus on Marketing)
7). The User interface has been enhanced to display the newer field that have been added to the pricing plans

Alumni Relations
8). Added record paging to alumni relations (Site admin can now click Next to view the next set of records)

Event Calendar
9). The Site Admin can assign an Access keys to View or Post to a specific Event Type (This means if the site user does not have that access key, he/she will not be able to view that events associated with that Event Type and they will be prompted to go upgrade the account in order to view the Event posting. Upon a successful credit card payment, then they get assigned that Access key which then enables them to view the Event listing or to post Event to that event type.

Friends List
10). Web site users can now copy and paste some HTML code to their favorite Social Networking website so users from there can click a link and signup on your website to become a friend

Shopping Cart
11). We now record the date an order has been paid for since sometimes on recurring orders paid dates may be different then due dates.
12). Added an order status fields with several shipping options.

Logout / Login
13). Fixed the logout bug so the administrators are not logged out so often.

Business Directory
14). When importing businesses or businesses that do not have a user tied to the business but have an email will allow users to claim the business if their email is still valid. The user who claims that business could then login to edit/Update the business info on the site. This means that The site admin could buy a database from yellow Page people and import the data to the Business Directory then invite the local businesses to logon to the site to view their respective business listing data and make corrections (claiming) to the listing if necessary.

Email Templates
15). Added email templates under the utilities section of the admin console. 
These email templates when created will be used when sending out newsletters.
So the site Admin can send one newsletter template to Gold members and another template
newsletter to everyone as an example.

Site Looks
16). Added 6 predefined templates you can choose from.
17). Fixed a bug when changing a template in the portals so the change does not overwrite the main website template.

18). Can now send emails to all paid customers on your website.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us at anytime.