Portal Software Update

We would like to announce that our update will be installed on Wednesday, November 25th at 8:00 p.m. E.S.T. This update may take several minutes to an hour to run, depending on the amount of data the server has with your web site. Since this update modifies your header and footer for your templates we would suggest that you upload your latest version before this update from SepCity and please do not make any template changes during and the night of the update avoid data conflicts.

This update will include the following enhancements:

1.) Added a General Setup option to disable the Radius searching throughout the entire system.

2.) Added Age range search to the Match Maker module

3.) Users can sort Classified Ads alphabetically, by Price range or by Date posted.

4.) Users can sort the Auctions postings alphabetically, by Price range or by date posted.

5.) The Job listings module main page has been re-designed so it now displays a search form.

6.) Added a General Setup option so there are two ways to display business listings in the Business Directory module(2 display layouts)

7.) The User pages module can now be setup to  Password-protect Users Web pages (Using Access Keys/Class)

8.) Added "Report bad image" button in the Hot or Hot module.

9.) Added an option to the User Profiles module to give the users the option to display or not to display their image in the Hot or Not module.

10.) Added an option to upload directly user' images to the Hot or Not module.

11.) Added a feature to now have customizable RSS feeds layouts with a RSS Templates.

12.) Added MLS Number field to the Real Estate module.

13.) Added Country dropdown box to the Real Estate module search form.

14.) The Real estate module main page has been re-designed to have the search form.

15.) Added a General Setup option to disable the "Main Page" button from the modules top menu.

16.) Added a General Setup option to disable the "Refer a Friend" button from the module top menu.

17.) Added a General Setup option to disable the "Add to Favorites" button from the module top menu.

18.) Added Forms creation button to the HTML editor.

19.) Added an option to insert the "Top Newest Features" to the Newsletters modules.

20.) Added an option to the Classified Ads module so users can set it up to be notified when a new posting have been added to the category of their choice.

21.) Added a security option to the Classified Ads module for users to have a certain Access-key in order to view Sellers' contact information.

22.) Added a hit counter to display how many times an event has been displayed in the Event Calendar module.

23.) Added the Shopping Mall module to the to the Import utility module enabling the web site admin to import existing database records directly into the Shopping Mall module.

24.) Added a General Setup option for the admin to select their default State or Province.

25.) Added a Fax number field to the Business Directory module posting form.

26.) Added a Country selection dropdown box to the Discount Coupon module.

27.) Added SugarCRM integration for the most updated CRM (Customer Relation Management) version currently published.

28.) Updated the Language Packs for Portuguese, Spanish and French (Using a new and more efficient programming Technology to display these languages).

29.) Added an image icon to the Classified Ads module listing page notifying users if the posting  has an uploaded image or not.

30.) Added an Image Re-Sizing utility to the Utilities module so the site admin can define the sizes they want ALL uploaded images into each module to be.

31.) Changed the way the layout skins work for better performance by using Template.aspx and Template.vb (header and footer files are no longer supported.)

32.) Import Utility : You can now import product images source URL into tHe shopping mall

33.) Teleconference: When creating a chat room you can assign access keys to protect the chat rooms

34.) Photo Albums: Added an access key so users can password protect their photo albums.

35.) Elearning: The administrator can now manage assignments that were submitted by students

36.) Bug Fixes.
Fixed all reported performance issues
Fixed all reported bugs

If you have any questions or concerns then please contact .SepCity.com Support Department.

We thank you for your support,
The SepCity Support Team