SepCity Update Notice

Shopping Mall Features Added
1). Short description that shows on the category listing page
2). Added the following fields (Only shows if there is a value in them)
      a). Manufacture
      b). Model Number
      c). SKU
3). Can disable a product from displaying without deleting a product
4). Can set products as tax exempt
5). Setup inventory per a product (Inventory is automatically subtracted when item is marked as paid.)
6). Added shipping options per a product to calculate shipping
7). Added handling fee for products that need to be shipped
8). Added electronic products that will be emailed to a user once payment is successful
9). Custom fields now support short answers, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown answers
10). Multiple choice custom fields you can set an additional one time setup fee and recurring price
11). Added an easy to use related items option so you can search and select a product that is related to the product your adding
12). Added support for USPS, FedEx and UPS to automatically calculate shipping charges