Portal Software Updates

We have a schedule maintenance setup to install an update to our portal software on your websites. We are planning on running an update this upcoming Sunday November 16th, 2008 at 2:00 a.m.

This update includes the following features / enhancements:

- Modules that have categories; you can now copy or move content between categories by mass
- Added a option under utilities to update database (This option is only used if your experiencing issues like errors then this option will check your database and try to fix any issues that might be wrong with your database)
- Added an option when editing web pages on your website to insert several functions into your web pages / module pages
- When inserting the newest features on your web pages; there will be a "Read More" link that goes to the module with all the content
- When editing an member in the admin console there is an option to edit and view the user's affiliate tree
- An activity is now recorded when a user record is edited or the users class is changed
- Added a few additional reports under the custom reports area in the admin console
- Pointing System (Charge or award points for certain activities on your website)
- Added an option in the admin console to insert default postcards (This will add 84 postcards and a few categories to the postcards module)
- Fixed the verification code in the signup form so the number gets changed randomly
- Option to disable the contact email when displaying a business in the business directory module
- If there is an update available to our portal software for self installed users; the admin panel will provide a notice and a download link to get the latest update
- Added Portuguese language translation option
- Content Rotator module (Allows you to randomly rotator any content you want and target the content to modules, categories and pages on your website)
- Added a setting under General Setup to allow users to change their language preference

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at anytime.