Website Portal Updates

This update will include the following enhancements and any known issue resolved.
- Added option under General Setup, Signup Setup to force a redirect to a page after a new user has signed up on your web site
Shopping Cart
- Added a continue shopping to take a user back to the products when they add an item to their shopping cart
- Fully automated the PayPal and payment gateways to update the orders in the database and upgrade subscriptions automatically.
- Make the checkout process easier with one less step
- Any payments that is charged to a user is recorded as an activity
Activities (NEW)
- Activities are recorded only when a new post is added on the site or edited.
- Under stats/reports in the admin console you can search all activities in the system
- Activities are searchable by filters
- Each activity has a type to make it easier to find what you want
- You can now add activities for usernames
- Banned IP addresses are now searchable and stored in the activities area
- Listings that users have reported bad are now under activities to be viewed
Affiliate Program
- Option to set how many users can be listed under another user in the tree
Portal Software (NEW)
- Is setup to sell portal software, support plans, enterprise options, and packages
Search Optimization
- Change the looks in the admin console
- Added a link to submit the Google sitemap XML file to Google
Group Lists (NEW)
- Add users to a group list so you can mass update user info on a list
- Can export users on a group list to Microsoft Outlook
- Can search categories in the admin interface
- Added an option to show category in all portals
- Permission setting to overwrite portal security with category manager