Portal / CMS Software Updates

We would like to inform everyone that on Sunday September 21st at 2:00 PM EST we will be performing an update to everyones website that is hosted on our ASP.

The update includes many appearance changes to make your site look more web 2.0 and still make your websites to get noticed by the major search engines.

1). Added a customizable top menu for all the modules to replace the standard hyperlinks
2). Personal page is totally different and more to it. Customizable under general setup, account info.
3). Getting rid of the useless links under the account menu and adding them to the personal page so users have their own control panel to manage all their account functions
4). Adding ID's to all tables in the entire system so the CSS file is more customizable
5). The view=print querystring when using in an iframe or anything else will stay in print mode throughout the entire system when clicking on links
6). Added unique icons to all the forms in the entire system 
7). Spanish and French languages are 100% updated
8). For self hosted customers the new version checks if there is an update available on the sepcity update server and you can download the updates straight from the server and run the install.
9). Also there is a new install for self hosted customers that is only 3 steps to install the software instead of the old 8 steps.
10). Added AJAX when voting for a random poll.
11). Added graph for poll results. (Customizable in the CSS file)
12). Added option to charge for file downloads in file libraries and an icon to view my downloads.
13). Add RSS links to web browser, Internet Explorer and FireFox will enable the RSS icon itself
14). Database support unicode characters like Russian, Chinese and others languages using unicode
15). Added API to billmonster.com so the account area will show due payments and payments made
16). Add option in affiliate setup so the tree view for the user will not show referrals in the waiting room

If you have any questions or concerns then please contact support@sepcity.com and we will be happy to assist you. Also keep in mind we have a beta site located at

http://beta.sepcity.com/ if you want to see some of these changes in action.