Portal Software Update

We would like to announce some big improvements to our portal/CMS software that will be published to hosted customers Friday August 1st at 2:00 AM. The update includes the

following enhancements.

Affiliate Module
 5 Level Affiliate Program
 Can place affiliate on signup so people can refer people by word of mouth
 Changed the design of the membership page when users upgrade their membership
 Access classes have a description with support for HTML descriptions

Business Directory
 Added [[DisplayBusinessPics]] function to display the newest pictures uploaded
 Added [[DisplayBusinessName]] function to display the newest business picture with the business name
 Setting to have businesses listed in a 2 column view
 Removed the extra rating system when viewing the businesses

User Profiles
 Added [[DisplayRandomPictures]] function to display random profile pictures that are uploaded
 The [[MemberPictures]] function now goes to the profile page instead of the user info page
 Setting to have the profiles listed in a 2 column view

Event Calendar
 The calendar shows this month and the next month calendar view
 Added time dropdown when posting an event

File Libraries
 Added comments to the file libraries
 Added payment checkout to be able to download music, video and software once payment is made

Job Listings
 Allow users to create multiple companies to list jobs under
 Specify an address, contact email per a company
 Specify a position contact email

 Option to have the news popup in a new window
 Option to create a link to a news story to an external URL
 Option to only sure the headline without a link to a story

 The default pages are now editable so when adding a new portal, all the new pages will use the defaults

 Specify a completion URL when adding a new form to forward users to when they fill out a form
 Setting to have users fill out a form when signing up on your web site (Only shows if users did not already fill out the form)
 Setting to have users fill out a form when logging into your web site (Only shows if users did not already fill out the form)

 The functions in the header/footer files can now be inserted into the page text in your internal pages
 Some performance issues in some of the modules have been taken care of for really large amounts of data
 Categories not support ISAPI URL's and keywords for SEO marketing
 When viewing images there is a better compression to make uploaded images look better

 Full text index searching utility to search your entire website and modules in one spot.
 To enable full text searching you must enable it by going to general setup, then enable full text searching

if you have any issues or questions regarding this update this please contact support@sepcity.com and we will be happy to answer your questions.