Company Updates

We would like to announce some changes done for our products and services.

First, we have updated the SepCity website to make things easier to navigate. We added a sub navigation menu, changed some page content and used our built in SEO options, that you have on your web site, to the fullest. You can check out our web site at . Remember you can always post to our forums under the support tab with general questions and issues.

Second, the help manual has been updated at with the latest features and a newer look. The help is automatically generated, so in the near future the help will be searchable.

Third, we updated our portal software with all the known issues that we are aware of over the weekend. If you experience anymore issues please contact

Fourth, we put a new backup system in place over the weekend to manage our backups. The server backups was taking a long time to run and going throughout the day in some cases and slowing down the performance. So all of the performance issues should be fixed, if you still notice any issues please contact with the date and time, and time zone your in and how long its taking to load a page and we can look into it for you.

Fifth, we put a new monitor in place to monitor the performance and bandwidth of all the servers. This will help us from being notified instantly if something happens to one of the servers.