SepCity Portal Update

We would like to announce a new SepCity Update that will be installed on your web site on Saturday, June 21st at 2:00 A.M. This update will include the following enhancements.

1). Added an option to specify how many items to show when adding the latest listings in your modules when editing your web pages. (Use to be the top 5 lists)

2). Can now charge to post an auction (Featured, highlight listings, bold listings)

3). Can charge to post to the classified ads. (Featured, highlight listings, bold listings)

4). Can upload multiple images to all of the modules that had image uploads. Some modules you can add more after adding the listing but now you do it all while adding a new listing.

5). Can have unique URL's to the portal module. (Ex.

6). Can have unique URL's to your web pages. (Ex.

7). Added a SEO tab to the web pages to overwrite the page title, add keywords and descriptions.

8). Added a SEO tab to the articles when logged in as an admin you can add keywords, SEO description and page title for the articles.

9). The code has been modified for better performance. We tested it on displaying 150 thousand records in a module.

10). Any known bug has been resolved.

We would like to remind all of you, if you want your web site listed on our client page then please let us know and we can get you added.

We are currently working on integrating a new full text searching feature as an option for your web site that will allow your users to search for content throughout every single module in one spot. This search will be available in the next few weeks.

The help manual will be updated a day after the update with a new format and it will also be searchable so you can find your answers faster.

If you have any questions please contact us at