New Support System / Portal Update

We would like to announce our new support system that is now in place at

You can fill free to register for a new account on there to submit your support requests as users with an account there will be thrown to the top of the que and not mistaken as spam.

In a near future update the system will force you to register when submitting tickets so we can get rid of this spam.

You can still sent emails to as always and it goes through the new system but if it see a verified email address from a registered user then that's when it puts you on the top of the que for us to answer your email quicker.

If you experience any issues with the new support system and we do not respond within 24 hours then please call us at 440-290-2202 as most likely there is a problem.

We are also going to perform an update to your community website Saturday May 10th and 3 A.M EST. This update will include the following features.

1). Whole new administration with easier navigation
 a). Menu Tree Navigation
 b). completely new style
 c). loading progress bar when a page is being called

2). Added new top menu in the admin to the following modules
 Order Status
 Classes / Keys
 Category Setup
 Approval Chains
 Search Optimization
 Managing members

3). Forms - Added option for users filling out the form to add an attachments

4). Forms - Added HTML Editor to questions when being added to the forms

5). Business Directory - Editing a business as an admin has option to make business bold, highlight or featured on the business list.

6). Redesign category setup under utilities for better performance when managing a large amount of categories in all the modules

7). Job Listing - Added radius / state searching

8). Added filtering in the admin console to the following modules
 a). User Profiles
 b). Blogger
 c). E-Learning

9). Forms manager lists questions per a form to make it easier to manage questions

7). Real Estate - Added option for top 5 newest properties

8). FAQ - Added top 10 newest FAQ's

9). If a user has access to manage more then one module and clicks on a management link, they have a navigation to go to the other modules without back tracking through the pages on the user interface

10). User Pages - Added [[SITENAME]] tag for templates to pickup site name

11). Added default layout to the module statistics in the admin console

12). Approval Chains - Added a page for everything on your website that is waiting for approval.

13). Portals - Uses the same site looks folder as the main website, so if your selling portals. Easier to manage one site looks folder that applies to all portals with a selection on what skin to use for the portal. (No need for the mass update option for the site looks anymore)

14). Portals - Has an admin console similar to the main website with less features.

15). Portals - Can see site statistics per a portal in the portal administration

16). Dashboard on main admin screen that has information on member statistics

17). Can now categorize portals, or do not have categories

18). When managing members, added email form to email a user instead of opening in your default mail client

19). Editing a member has an improved notes section that records date/time for each note adding to a user account

20). Added orders to the dashboard so you have reports on how much money came in through your site.

21). Added new templates to the system for you to choose from

22). Automation done to so it will fully automate the shopping cart experience by automatically updating a user class if you charge for members and mark items as paid.

If you have any questions or concerns about this update then please contact

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have customize templates in the portals module and only the portals module not your main website, you will want to copy them to the main site looks on your main portal since all skins are now carried out through the portals so make managing the templates easier. If you need help doing this then please contact us and we will be happy to do it for you.