SepCity CMS 2.7 Released

Added: You can now setup pricing plans in the portals module to sell a community to your customers.
Added: LDAP Integration module to enable you to use your LDAP server to manage your users and groups.
Added: Google Analytics so it records events that users do on your site.
Added: Google Maps for the business directory and real estate module.
Added: Several new API calls added.
Added: An option to hide purchasing credits on the signup page.
Added: CRM/Support Integration Bungle. (Support for SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, WHMCS and SmarterTrack)
Added: In the site templates you can now download a zip file of the template directories in the advance file manager.
Added: When content is changed on your site you can now go back to the change logs and remove previous versions of changed items.
Added: Options so user pages can have their own menus or place items on your main website menus.
Added: You can now add the newest polls to your web pages.
Added: Select All and Deselect All to checkbox controls.
Updated: Added shopping mall product image on the newest product listings.
Updated: Updated all of our 3rd party controls that we use.
Fixed: Any known bug in our helpdesk are now fixed.