SepCity CMS 2.4 Released

Added: Shopping Mall - Admin can give access keys for who can create their own stores
Added: Shopping Mall - Added UPS, USPS, and FedEx as shipping methods
Added: FAQ's - Added search function to search through the FAQ's
Added: Event Calendar - Posted By in the admin panel grid so the admin can see who posted an event before clicking on it
Added: Affiliate - When users want to link to your site they have a link to automatically select the HTML code to copy and paste
Added: E-Learning - Newest Courses added to your web site
Added: E-Learning - RSS Feeds
Changed: Updated how the indexes work for the search engines on your site
           (You may need to reindex your database by going to Utilities, Database Tools in the admin console)
Changed: Checkout process to the shopping cart to make things more efficient
Changed: Portals - Performance changes
Changed: All the paging controls in all the modules to make it look more modern
Changed: Updated all of our 3rd party codebase to the latest
Fixed: Any known bug in our helpdesk are now fixed