SepCity CMS 2.0 Released

In our effort to continuously improve SepCity web portal software we have made the following changes and enhancements:
New Features Added
  • Redesigned the “Newest Articles” listing
  • Users that post an article can now “Manage” their own articles
  • When posting an article, the user posting the article can now set the “Start” & “End” date of their article
  • The site Admin can now create categories for the blogs module with options such as “Access Keys” to view content of any given category
  • The site Admin can create categories for users to post News to.
  • While posting a News item, the user posting the News can pick the “Start & “end” date for the news to be display on the website.
User Pages:
  • The site Admin can create categories for users to post their website to.
  • When a user creates their own “userpages” they have the option of inserting on any page within the website, the “Newest posting” they have added to the system; and their newest posting will be displayed on their own userpages website.

  • The site Admin has the Setup option to allow the userpages website to show the “newest content” of each module.
  • The user can password-protect their userpages website.
  • The user can setup their userpages website to be “Invite-only” access thus only those that have been invited could actually view the content of their userpages website.
Affiliate Program
  • If a new user signs up to join the website from a userpage website, that new user is linked to the user whose userpage website the new user joins from giving the referring user credit.
All modules
(Except: Donwloads & Forums
  • Categories creation is now optional
  • The site Admin has now a Setup option that enables him/her to choose which page to land the new user after a successful “Signup”
Shopping Mall:
  • Added a new Integration enabling the site Admin to use the “Wholesale2b” drop-shipping system insert shopping Mall products from various supplies to populate their shopping mall. (Third party cost does apply in order to gain access to the product lsiting feeds).
My Feeds:
  • This is a new module that enables the users can see feeds from others and be able to post messages to the feeds for their fsriends to see.
Chat Rooms:
  • The former Chat Integration setup to user 123flashchat as the chat server has been changed to use the “Cute Chat” system
Instant Messenger:
  • The former messenger integration into 123flashmessenger has been changed to user “Cute Web Message”
  • There is now an option for the Admin to setup nightly news with information that has been posted on your site that day.
  • Performance changes to the external JavaScript files
  • Cashing to increase performance

  • All reported bugs have been fixed.
  • oAuth Integration for single Sign-on