This section is for managing your web portal members that have signed up on your website. When you first enter this screen it only shows the users with usernames starting with the letter “A”. On the bottom of the screen you will see all the letters to browse users by their first letter.

The top of this screen displays  dropdowns options boxes that you can use to filter your site members by class, access-key, portal they signed up on, and by if they have activated their account or not.

The bottom of the screen you can search a few different fields in your database or just type in the username if you know it to go straight to that user's account detail page on your website.

When checking the boxes next to the username you can use the Action dropdown option box to do an action with a group of users. The dropdown allows you to delete users, mark them as active or deactivate a user. You can also change the class of a group of users or add/remove a key to all the checked usernames.

Clicking on a row on this screen will take you to the user's account detail page where you are now able to edit or modify the user’s information. When editing a user's account, if you change a class for that user, please note that any access-key associated with the username will be remove and the new access-keys for the class you’re changing the user to will take effect. There is also an optional “Notes” field on the user's account detail page that are comments that the site administrator(s) can add for their own reference only, only the Admin sees these comment section for example the admin could put in the Note field for something such as: "This user is a great graphic artist we need to contact him next time other users need help with some graphic work" or such as "This user is a pain in you know where..." :-)