The content rotator will enable your portal website to have random content rotating on your user pages within your community website. The content can be in plain text or HTML format and can be targeted to specific modules, pages, portals or zones within your community.


When you want to add a zone, you simply click the “Add Zone” button on the top of the screen. Once you are on the Add-zone screen you simply enter a meaningful name for your zone.

Inserting Content

You can insert the random content in your template files or within the web pages when editing your web pages. The function to insert content is [[CR|Zone Name]]. Replace "Zone Name" with the name of the zone you are targeting. The function to insert content is case sensitive.
Note: The zone name must be typed exactly as you entered it while creating the zone name;
for example: New York Merchants zone name must be written exactly as in [[CR|New York Merchants]], if you had [[CR|new York merchant]] the content assigned to that zone would not work.