The “Classes/Keys” function is used to control which users have access to each sections of your website. The “Keys” are what controls the access to modules and features and the “Classes” are just a group of access-keys. You can charge money per a Class, and include any given access-keys inside of that Class.

Add Class

When adding a Class you have the following options.

Class Name – The name of the class you want to create; here you may want to give it a short and meaningful name especially if you will be charging fees to your site members to belong to that Class of Access keys, so that if the name you give that class is meaningful then your potential "paying site member" would know exactly what they are submitting payment to you for.

Example: we can have a Class name as Gold Membership then another Class named: Silver Membership

Available/Selected Keys – Whichever Access-keys are moved by you to the “Selected-keys” side of the Class editing form are the Access-keys that the Class will use.

Mark as a private class – Check this box if the user cannot join this Class on the user side. If you want a user in a private class then the administrator is the only one that can assign a user in this Class.

If user has not logged in for [BLANK] days. – Enter a numeric value in this field, for an example if you enter “30” then if a user has not logged into their account for 30 days it will do an action from the “Select” box below.

Then switch to class – If you have an option to delete the user account or switch a user to another class if they haven’t logged in for some many days.

If user is in this class for [BLANK] days – Enter a numeric value in this field for the number of days if a user is in this class and you can run an action from the “Select” box below.

Then switch to class – Select a class or you can delete the user account if in this class for the number of days you specified above.

Pricing Plan 1-4 – You can specify up to 4 different pricing plans for a Class, so this gives you an option to offer a discounted rate if a user pays every 3 or 6 months or even a year. You can specify a setup fee which means a one-time charge to be in this class, a recurring fee which they are charged every recurring cycle that you specify in the recurring cycle dropdown. The recurring cycle can be monthly, 3 months, 6 months, or a yearly price.

Add Key

When adding a key you only need to enter the name of the key you want to create. This can be any name that means something to you as the administrator for accessing a feature or module on your website.

Switch Users to another Class

This option is there if you want to mass update all your users that are in a certain class to another class instead of manually updating a user at a time, web portal software saves you a lot of time as your membership grows you accomplish this particular function in one click of a button.