Shopping Cart


The “Shopping Cart” is used for any module that has an “Add to Cart” option to checkout through a “Payment Gateway” that you specify.


“Payment Gateway”


The “Payment Gateway” will take you to a screen with all the credit card processing companies that our software currently supports. To use a gateway, you must click on it and fill out the necessary information that is provided by the gateway, and ensure the gateway is activated.




Clicking the “Taxes” button on the top of your screen will take you to a screen to modify and delete entries that you have added. You will also see an option on the top of your screen that will say “Add Tax” which will give you the following fields to fill out.


Tax Name – Enter a description about what kind of tax your charging for. A user will see this description so they know what they are being charged for. For an example you can enter “State Taxes”.

Percentage – Enter a numeric value for a percent to charge for. This will add the percent to the total amount that the user will owe.

State/Province – Select the state or province that you are charging taxes for. This will look up the states or provinces from the user’s account information.




Enable the tax calculator? – Select “Yes” to enable the tax calculator which calculates the sales tax if needed, otherwise select “No”. You must also set up tax percentages before taxes are calculated.




Keys to view and manage the order status. – Select the keys that a user must have to view all the orders that have been added to the “Shopping Cart”.

Keys to manage the shopping cart. – Select the keys a user must have to manage the “Shopping Cart” module. Users in this key will be able to configure discounts, taxes and view orders that users have posted.