Photo Albums


The “Photo Albums” module enables your members to create their own albums and upload images to their albums. This module is sorted by username, and then by the albums they have created. Users will have an option when creating an album to share the album with other members. When managing this module, you will notice that it is sorted by username then albums the users have created (below their username). You can edit albums and images that the users have uploaded to your site by clicking on an album title. You will also be able to delete a user from the “Photo Album” module by checking the box next to the username and selecting “Delete” from the dropdown box. When deleting a user, it will delete any albums and images that are associated with their username.




Enable the photo albums? – Select “Yes” to enable the “Photo Albums” module, otherwise select “No”.




Keys to access the photo albums. – Select the keys that will be able to access the “Photo Albums” module.

Keys to view shared photos – Select the keys a user must have to enter user-created albums that are shared.

Keys to create photo albums – Select the keys a user must have to create new photo albums.

Keys to manage the photo albums. – Select the keys a user must have to manage the “Photo Albums” module. Users in this key will be able to modify albums that users have created.


Web Pages


This screen will allow you to modify the main “Photo Albums” page that a user will view when entering the” Photo Albums” module.