The newsletter is where you can send emails to a group of people. On the main screen you will see a list of newsletters that you have created.


Add a Newsletter


When adding newsletters you only need to enter a name for the newsletters, a short description for administrator uses only and access keys to be able to join a newsletter. The access keys are ideal if you only want certain users to be able to see a newsletter before joining.


Send Newsletters


When sending a newsletter you have an option to select which newsletter to send the emails to and access keys a user must be in to get a newsletter. The email subject is the subject of the email that the user will see. You also have a body of the email that you can format as HTML by using our editor. The T5 icon in the HTML editor is for inserting the top 5 newest posting in your newsletters. For example, you can put the top 5 news, articles, classifieds, ect. in your newsletter. You can browse for a file and attach a file to the email that the user will be able to download to their hard drive.




Enable the newsletters? – Here you will be able to enable of disable the newsletter module.

Removal text to display on the bottom of your newsletters. – This is hyperlink at the very bottom of your newsletter that is used so a user can click the link and be removed from the newsletter automatically. This is required for spamming laws, but leaving this field empty will disable the link.




Keys to join a newsletter – This is the default key a user will need to see a newsletter to join. The option when adding a newsletter will overwrite this key.

Keys to send out a newsletter. – This is the access keys that will be allowed to send newsletters to your users.