The “File Libraries” module allows you and your users to upload different file types to your website which are sorted into categories to make it easier to browse for file downloads. Categories are required to use this module. You can upload new files through the administrator interface and through the user side. Once you create a category and click on a category you will have an additional button that will read “Manage Files”. Once you click this button you will be taken to a screen to approve, deny and delete files.


When you add a new category to the “File Libraries” you will have one extra option to fill out which asks for “Category Type”. The category type specifies what file extensions a user can upload. If you have the “Software” selected then it will only allow compressed files to upload, if “Audio” is selected then it will allow music extensions to be uploaded to your site.




Enable the “File Libraries”? – Select “Yes” to enable the “File Libraries” module, otherwise select “No”.

Display the top newest file uploads on your main file library page? – This option allows you to show the 10 newest files that have been uploaded on your main file library page.

Display the most poplar file downloads on your main file library page. – This option allows you to display the 10 most popular file downloads on your main file library page.
Maximum upload size in the file libraries. (MB) – Enter a numeric value here for the maximum size a want can upload to the file libraries. If you upload a file through the administration you will not have a limit. This value is in megabytes.

Force users to download audio/video files – If you select “Yes” for this option then when someone clicks to download an audio of video file, it will save it to their hard drive, otherwise it they will play in media player on your website.



Keys to access the “File Libraries”. – Select the keys that will be able to access the “File Libraries” module.

Keys to upload files. – Select the default keys a user will need to upload new files to the “File Libraries”. When adding a category the “write” keys for a category will overwrite this option.

Keys to manage the “File Libraries”. – Select the keys a user must have to manage the “File Libraries” module. Users in this key will be able to modify, approve and delete files from your database.


Web Pages


This screen will allow you to modify the main “File Libraries” page that a user will see when entering the “File Libraries” module. You can also modify individual category pages by selecting the dropdown for “Page to Modify”.