Event Calendar


The “Event Calendar” module is used for an administrator to have company events or your users to have their personal events sorted into a calendar format.


You can add several event types such as birthday, holiday, etc. So when adding an event you have an option for what type of event it is. When adding a type, you will only have an option for “Type Name”.




Enable the “Event Calendar”? – Select “Yes” to enable this module so it is viewable to your users otherwise select “No”.

Show events to the right side of the calendar view – Select “Yes” will show the list of events for the selected month or day on the user page to the right hand side of the calendar table. Selecting "No" will show the events below the calendar.



Keys to be able to access the “Event Calendar” – Select the keys a user must have to access the “Event Calendar”.
Keys to post new events to the “Event Calendar”. – Select the keys a user must have to post new events to the calendar. If this option is set to only the Administrator key then any events posted by an administrator will be viewable to everyone. If there are multiple keys displayed then it acts more as a personal “Event Calendar for people with the selected keys.

Keys to share their events. – Select the keys a user must have to share their events with all your other users. When a user has this key they will have an additional checkbox they can select to make the event viewable on all your user calendars.

Keys to manage the “Event Calendar”. – Select the keys a user must use to edit and delete event types and events.


Web Pages


This option allows you to modify the main page to the “Event Calendar” module that the user will view when they access this module.