The “E-Learning” module allows you to create course, online exams, and assignments on your website. The courses are sorted into categories to make it simpler to browse for an online class. You can setup pricing per course and users can purchase the course through your “Shopping Cart” and “Checkout”.


Once you create a category and click on a category you will have an additional button that will read “Manage Courses”. When you click on a course to modify it, you will have a new set of menu buttons on the top of your screen for examinations, assignments and to manage the students within the given course.


When adding a new course, if you enter a username in for the field for “Instructor” that is in your member list, then that user will have the option to add and modify exams, assignments and manage the students that signed up for the course.




Enable the e-learning module? – Select “Yes” to enable the “E-Learning” module, otherwise select “No”.




Keys to access the e-learning. – Select the access-keys that will be able to access the “E-Learning” module.

Keys to manage the e-learning. – Select the access-keys a user must have to manage the “E-Learning” module. Users in this key will be able to edit and add courses, exams, and assignments for a course.


Web Pages


This screen will allow you to modify the main “E-Learning page that a user will see when entering the “E-Learning module. You can also modify individual category pages by selecting the dropdown for “Page to Modify”.