The “Discounts” module allows an administrator or a user to post discounts on your website which are sorted into categories to make it easier to browse for a specific discount. Categories are required to use this module. Once you create a category and click on a category you will have an additional button that will read “Manage Discounts”. Once you click this button you will be taken to a screen to modify and to delete discounts.




Enable the discounts module? – Select “Yes” to enable the discounts module, otherwise select “No”.

Display the top 10 newest coupons – Select “Yes” to show the 10 newest discounts on your main discounts page, otherwise select "No" to disable this option.
Enable discount code in the shopping cart – Select “Yes” to allow the discount code to be entered into the shopping cart, so users can get discounts off of products in the shopping mall. (This option is good if you DO NOT allow other users to post discounts, otherwise this can be a risk on losing money for the web site admin)



Keys to be able to access the discount module. – Select the access-keys a user must have to enter the discount page.

Keys to be able to post a discount. – Select the access-keys a user must have to add a discount to your web site.
Keys to be able to manage the discounts system. – Select the access-keys a user must have to manage the discounts module. Users in this key will be able to modify and delete discounts from your database.

Web Pages


This screen will allow you to modify the main discount page that a user will see when entering the “Discounts” module. You can also modify individual category pages by selecting the dropdown for “Page to Modify”.