SMTP Socket Error 10051: You are receiving one of the following error when sending email:

Unable to connect to the server. (Account:'account', SMTP Server: '', Error Number: '0x800ccc0e'). 
The connection to the server has failed. Account '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port:25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10051, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E. 
Could not connect to "" cause:network is unreachable (10051) 

Some ISP's prevent their users from accessing "outside" SMTP servers using conventional e-mail programs like Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape. 

To verify that your ISP is blocking SMTP connections (port 25) you need to telnet to SMTP server from the Command prompt (DOS prompt): 

1. Start -> Run -> enter "command" ->Click ok 
2. type "telnet 25" at the dos prompt 

You will either see something similar to "220 (IMail 8.05 xx-x) NT-ESMTP Server X1", or "connection refused" message, or timeout. 

In the case you receive "connection refused" message or timeout, you need to contact your ISP with the request to open port 25 in their firewall or proxy. Or, try using their SMTP server for your outbound mail connection. 

In the case you receive SMTP server prompt, the problem is most likely in the e-mail program configuration. In this case you need to send us the exact error message. It will also be helpful if you make a screen shot of the problem and attach it to your message. 

Please also verify that your e-mail program is configured as specified in our FAQ. 

The following service providers are known to block outbound connections and require you to use their outbound SMTP server:
  • ATT WorldNet
  • AT&T
  • Broadwing
  • Cox
  • Earthlink/Mindspring
  • GTE
  • IONet
  • MSN
  • MCI/Worldcom
  • NetZero
  • Optimum Online
  • People PC
  • RCN
  • SBC Global
  • Charter