Security Roles

Assigning Access Keys

The access keys is the method to control access to certain sections on your website. There is the Everyone, Demo, Member, and Administrator Access keys built into the system. You can add an unlimited number of Access keys as you need them.

Access Class Screen Shot

Your portal website will allow you to group your Access keys into Access Classes which will allow you to Control which group of Access keys a user will receive upon signing up on your website. You can also charge for an Access Classes or even setup a free trial when users signup, than after their trial runs out then the user will have to pay to upgrade their account.

If you’re are planning on charging users for access on your website than you can setup monthly pricing, quarterly, half year, whole year or a one-time price. You can also offer discounts if users prepay for more time.

An example scenario is that you have an individual assisting you with some project within your website, you can give that individual a temporary administrative privileges separate from your own admin privileges, then, upon completion of the project you can take the admin privileges away from the individual.