Offer your site users to take online training courses. You can also have instructors manage their courses and students. Create video assignments and multiple choice exams easily!

Self-Installed Price: $119.00
Hosted Price: $9.00


Unlimited Categories

The web portal Administrator can create an unlimited number of directory categories as needed. These directory categories can be structured up to 4 levels deep.

Instructor Management

Instructors can manage their own courses by creating assignments and multiple choice exams types for their classes. Instructors can also grade the assignments that are submitted by students for their courses.

Video Support

Instructors can attach a video file for their assignments and exams so students can play the video of their assignment or exams within their web browser.

SEO Friendly

Articles are search engine friendly by creating meta tags and rewriting the URL's automatically for search engines to rank your articles higher in their search results.

Access Control

The web portal Administrator can control who has access to certain directory categories within the system and who has access to view and apply for courses on the web site. Any given directory category can be hidden from certain group of members if they these members do not have access to that directory category.

Recycle Bin

All deleted courses, exams, assignments are placed in a recycle bin where the Administrator(s) can restore or permanently delete items.

Change Logs

If a course is modified on your website then the administrator has an option to view previous versions of the course and restore them if necessary.


When courses, students, exams and assignments are saved, viewed or deleted on your website an activity is written for the administrator to search through to view.

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