User Pages

The user pages module enables your site-members to create their own personal web sites within your portal web site. Your site-members can choose any website template for their personal website that your portal web site has available for them.

Self-Installed Price: $99.00
Hosted Price: $6.00

Your site members can create their own web site with a click of a button. Their web site will have their own unique URL at!user/. or they can register a .com domain name to point directly to their site.



Your users can leave feedback on the user’s web site through the Guestbook which the site owner has the ability to manage guestbook entries.


Your users can rate a member web site with a one to five star rating.


When users create a web site they can choose any template that the administrator marks as available. The same templates that you can use on your portal web site can be used for a user web site creating an environment of standardized look for everyone within your site.

Custom Fields

Create unlimited number of additional questions you want to ask users when they are creating their personal web site.

Credit System

The site admin has the option to charge(or not) site members credit to view or create a web site on the web site.

Access Control

The administrator(s) can control who has access to user pages module, who can create a web site or who can manage this module.

Recycle Bin

All deleted sites are placed in a recycle bin where the Administrator(s) can restore or permanently delete sites.

Screen Shots

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