Real Estate

This module offers the opportunity to have real estate property listings for sell and or for rent on the web site. The site admin can allow site members to post listings on the web site.

Real Estate

The articles module is the perfect solution for managing online articles in your web portal.


The articles module is the perfect solution for managing online articles in your web portal. Whether you want to publish news articles, publication sets, or knowledge base entries - the SepCity Articles provides the best solution.

Self-Installed Price: $119.00

Hosted Price: $9.00

List properties for sale or for rent properties on the web site. Your site members can also post property listings for sale or for rent on the site. Site members interested in a given property are able to contact the seller or the landlord through the built-in messenger module.


Manage Properties

Members with access to post properties on the web site can manage their own listing.

Manage Brokers / Agents

Brokers and agents can be added with the privilege to manage their own properties within the site.

Radius Search

Site users can run a radius search to find the properties they are interested in within a given miles radius from a given Zig/Postal code.

SEO Friendly

Articles are search engine friendly by creating meta tags and rewriting the URL's automatically for search engines to rank your articles higher in their search results.

Tenant Management

Landlords can review and manage their tenants for the properties that they have for rent.

RSS Feeds

The site users/visitors can get an RSS Feed that they can use in any RSS Reader that will show them the latest properties that have been posted on your web site.

Credit System

The site admin has the option to charge(or not) site members credit-points to view or to post new properties on the web site. The administrator(s) has the option to reward site members by allowing them to earn credits-points for viewing property listings or for posting properties.

Access Control

The administrator(s) can control who has access to the real estate module or who can post new properties.

Recycle Bin

All deleted properties, agents and brokers are placed in a recycle bin where the Administrator(s) can restore or permanently delete items.

Change Logs

If a property is modified on your website then the administrator has an option to view previous versions of the property and restore them if necessary.


When properties are saved, viewed or deleted on your website an activity is written for the administrator to search through to view.