The site admin has the option to create sub-portals from the main portal web site. Each sub-portal site can have its own unique members, content and look and feel. Content can be shared between the portals and the main site.

Self-Installed Price: $299.00
Hosted Price: $15.00

Create sub-portals from the main portal web site. Each sub-portal web site can have its own unique members and look and feel template.


Unlimited Members

You can have as many members signup per a portal as you wish.

Unlimited Categories

Create an unlimited number of categories. The categories can be structured up to 4 levels deeps.

Customized Menu Structure / Layout

Each portal can have its own layout template to have its own look and feel.

Subdomains / Domain Names

Each sub-portal website can have its own subdomain or domain name pointed directly to it enabling its members to logon directly without going through the master web portal site.

Sell Portals

Site members on the main web site can purchase a sub-portal from the main web site.

Access Control

The site administrator(s) can control who has access to create a portal, the default is only the Administrator role.

Recycle Bin

All deleted portals are placed in a recycle bin where the Administrator(s) can restore or permanently delete portals.

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