Hot or Not

Your site members can see what other site members post as their hottest pictures on your web site! Your members will also be able to rate each picture from a scale of 1 – 10, as in 1 is not so hot picture, and 10 is very hot picture.

Self-Installed Price: $59.00
Hosted Price: $3.00



Your users will be able to rate or leave comments on individual picture that your users have posted. The administrators(s) can reset the ratings at any time. The rating reset for the hot or not module is a fantastic tool as the site admin can run and weekly or monthly photo-rating campaign within the web portal causing site members to tell their friends and family members to go vote for their pictures on your website, so they can get the highest rating, (translation, more traffic to your site!) After the rating period, the site admin can reset all the ratings for the next picture rating campaign.

Photo Upload

Site members can upload photos that they want to add to the photo rating module. If your web portal has the users profiles activated the site admin has the option to have all the photos from the profiles module show up in the Hot or Not Module.

Access Control

The administrator(s) can control who has access to the hot or not module.


Screen Shots

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