The guestbook modules allows your web site members to post entries with their name, their web site URL and a message into a single page on your web site. The site admin can also control who has access to sign the guestbook.

Self-Installed Price: $39.00
Hosted Price: $3.00


Member Entries

Your users will be able to post new entries into the guestbook and view what others are saying in the guestbook.

Access Control

You can control who has access to this module or who can add a new entry.

Recycle Bin

The site admin can delete guestbook entries and all deleted entries are placed in a recycle bin where the Administrator(s) can restore or permanently delete entries.

Change Logs

If an entry is modified on your website then the administrator has an option to view previous versions of the entry and restore them if necessary.


When entries are saved, viewed or deleted on your website an activity is written for the administrator to search through to view.

Screen Shots

Browser Support:

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