SepCity Web Portal software Downloads enables you to create a library of downloadable documents from your website using various file types; example: Zip file, .doc, .pdf, .gif, wav, flash etc.


The articles module is the perfect solution for managing online articles in your web portal.


The articles module is the perfect solution for managing online articles in your web portal. Whether you want to publish news articles, publication sets, or knowledge base entries - the SepCity Articles provides the best solution.

Self-Installed Price: $99.00

Hosted Price: $6.00


Comments / Ratings

Your users will be able to rate and/or leave comments on a given downloadable file.

Unlimited Categories

The site administrator(s) can create an unlimited number of categories as needed. The categories can be structured up to 4 levels deeps as needed.

Category Types

Audio - Supports MP3, WAV, RM, RAM, AVI, MPEG, RPM, WMA, ASF, MP4 formats with our built in audio players.
Documents - Supports DOC, DOCX, TXT, PDF, PUB, HTM, HTML, XLS, CVS, RTF formats.
Image - Supports JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG formats.
Software - Supports ZIP, RAR, ARJ formats.
Video - Supports AVI, MPEG, WMV, MPG, ASF, MOV, MOVI, MP4, SWF, FLV formats with our built in video players.

Audio / Video Player

Your users can stream the audio and video files on your web site with our built in flash player.

Approval Chains

Setup up to 10 email addresses that must approve the upload before it is visible on your web site.

Credit System

The site Administrator(s) has the option to charge(or not) your site members credit-points to view or to upload files onto the web site. The administrator(s) also has the option to reward site members by letting them earn credits-points for downloading files.

Access Control

The administrator(s) can control who has access to certain categories and who can view and upload/download files on the web site. The site Administrator(s) can hide categories from a certain group of members if they do not have access to those categories.

Recycle Bin

All deleted files are placed in a recycle bin where the Administrator(s) can restore or permanently delete them.


When files are saved, viewed or deleted on your website an activity is written for the administrator to search through to view.