Sepcity Addons

We have several modules that you may choose to purchase for our CMS / Portal Software.

Articles Logo


The articles module is the perfect solution for managing online articles in your web portal. Whether you want to publish news articles, publication sets, or knowledge base entries - the SepCity Articles provides the best solution.

Auctions Logo


Take your web site to the next level by having your members post auctions on your web site with categories, custom fields, radius searching, feedback system and much more!

Blogs Logo


Give your users an option to create and manage their own blogs on your portal web site. Users can also browse and search other users blogs and leave comments.

Business Directory Logo

Business Directory

Start your own city portal and list local businesses in our business directory module. Your members can post, view businesses and run an radius search for businesses and much more.

Chat Rooms Logo

Chat Rooms

The chat rooms module is an integrated Cute Chat solution which allows you to have run-time chat capabilities on your web site. This chat supports several features such as a/v, file transfer, friends list and much more.

Classified Ads Logo

Classified Ads

Take your web site to the next level by hosting your own classified ads on your web site with categories, custom fields, radius searching, feedback system and much more!

CRM Support Center Logo

CRM Support Center

The CRM/Support Center supports multiple 3rd party CRM/Support software (SugarCRM, SmarterTrack, SuiteCRM and WHMCS). You will have different options depending on which CRM program you are using.

Discount Coupons Logo

Discount Coupons

Offer your web site visitors discount codes that they can enter when purchasing items directly from on your site or have your site members post their own discount coupons for their business.

Downloads Logo


SepCity Web Portal software Downloads enables you to create a library of downloadable documents from your website using various file types; example: Zip file, .doc, .pdf, .gif, wav, flash etc.

eLearning Logo


Offer your site users to take online training courses. You can also have instructors manage their courses and students. Create video assignments and multiple choice exams easily!

Event Calendar Logo

Event Calendar

The event calendar will allow your members to have their own personal event calendar or it can be setup for the administrator to post upcoming events and share them to all of the members on your website.

Form Creator Logo

Form Creator

The form creator enables the site admin to create unlimited number of forms for users to fill out at any time. You can also force users to fill out a custom form after signup or when a user logs into your web site.

Forums Logo


The forums module enables you to build private or public message boards on your web site portal. You can also control who has access to certain categories within the forum on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ's module allows the administrator(s) to create a set of questions and answers by category for users to find quick answers to their questions that they might have.

Games Logo


The games module has over 15 built-in flash games that your site members can play online with their web browser. You can also control which groups of members can play the online games.

Guestbook Logo


The guestbook modules allows your web site members to post entries with their name, their web site URL and a message into a single page on your web site. The site admin can also control who has access to sign the guestbook.

Horoscopes Logo


The horoscopes module allows your site members to see their horoscopes for the day. There is no back-end interface for the Administration as all the horoscopes are live feeds from third-party sources.

Hot or Not Logo

Hot or Not

Your site members can see what other site members post as their hottest pictures on your web site! Your members will also be able to rate each picture from a scale of 1 – 10, as in 1 is not so hot picture, and 10 is very hot picture.

Instant Messenger Logo

Instant Messenger

The Cute Web Messenger integration which allows you to have a true FaceBook style Instant Messenger. on your web site. This module requires a Cute Web Messenger license.

International News Logo

International News

This module gets a feed from Google news and places it within your web site. There is no back-end administrator interface since the feeds are in real time from Google News

Job Board Logo

Job Board

This module uses PCRecruiter API for candidates to search for jobs or employers to post jobs offers on your web site. PCRecruiter is the perfect solution for recruiting offices!

LDAP Integration Logo

LDAP Integration

LDAP integration allows your instance to use your existing LDAP server as the master source of user data. LDAP integration is only available for self hosted customers.

Link Directory Logo

Link Directory

Have your site users post their web site links by category in your Links Directory module. You also will able to control who has access to post links or access links on your web site.

Match Maker Logo

Match Maker

Give your members the ability to create their own personal profile with the Social Networking Community Software, Users can search for their dream partner within your web site.

News Logo


This module enables the administrator(s) to post news stories on the web site. The site admin has the option to set multiple managers to manage the news on your web site. This is the perfect module for publishing company news.

Photo Albums Logo

Photo Albums

The photo albums module enables your web site members to create their own photo albums to upload images into. Your site members can also mark their albums as private or make them public to everyone to view.

Polls Logo


The polls module enables the site administrator(s) to create polls and answers for the site users to vote on. Multiple managers can be setup to manage the polls module and control who has access to the polls.

Portals Logo


The site admin has the option to create sub-portals from the main portal web site. Each sub-portal site can have its own unique members, content and look and feel. Content can be shared between the portals and the main site.

Radius and IP2Location Logo

Radius and IP2Location

This module allows your users to do radius search in multiple countries around the world and there is also a IP to Location built in so you can target ads to geolocation and the signup form will automatically pick up a users location.

Real Estate Logo

Real Estate

This module offers the opportunity to have real estate property listings for sell and or for rent on the web site. The site admin can allow site members to post listings on the web site.

Refer a Friend Logo

Refer a Friend

Several of SepCity web portal modules use the refer-a-friend module for your site users to refer others through email notification for them to visit your web site. Referrals are stored for reporting and statistics purpose.

Shopping Mall Logo

Shopping Mall

SepCity web portal software shopping mall enables the site admin to sell products / services on the website using Authorize.Net, PayPal and a few other payment gateways for credit card payment processing.

Speakers Bureau Logo

Speakers Bureau

The speakers bureau allows your web site visitors to request speakers to speak at their location. The portal site administrator can add speakers and their bio and the specific topics each speaker is an expert in.

Stock Quotes Logo

Stock Quotes

Site members can customize a list of stock quotes that they can view within their account. The stock quotes are live streams that are powered by Yahoo Finance.

Twilio Panel Logo

Twilio Panel

With our Twilio Panel you can setup a IVR Menu for your phone number(s), custom voicemail message, have a click to call action on your site. When users call a line it will also write activities to the member in your database if a number is found.

User Feeds Logo

User Feeds

Have all the latest postings on a single page for your users to view what is newly posted on your web site and users can like/dislike and comment on the feeds.

User Pages Logo

User Pages

The user pages module enables your site-members to create their own personal web sites within your portal web site. Your site-members can choose any website template for their personal website that your portal web site has available for them.

User Profiles Logo

User Profiles

Give your members the ability to create their own personal profile with the Social Networking Community Software, Users can upload a set number of pictures to their profile per site admin options.

Video Conference Logo

Video Conference

Allow your users to have a one-on-one video conferencing addon enables your users to schedule meetings and configure days and times you are available to chat on your web site. This addon is an integration to Twilio video conference.

Vouchers Logo


The vouchers module enables your members to post vouchers into various categories so other site-members can purchase vouchers at discounted rates for products/services sold at other websites or at other bricks-and-mortar stores or establishment.

Weather Forecast Logo

Weather Forecast

This weather forecast enables site members to see what the weather is going to be like in their city. This module has no back-end interface since the weather comes from a live feed from a third party source.