The forums module enables you to build private or public message boards on your web site portal. You can also control who has access to certain categories within the forum on your website.


The articles module is the perfect solution for managing online articles in your web portal.


The articles module is the perfect solution for managing online articles in your web portal. Whether you want to publish news articles, publication sets, or knowledge base entries - the SepCity Articles provides the best solution.

Self-Installed Price: $79.00

Hosted Price: $4.00

The forum module enables your site members to participate in a bulletin board style within your website, turning your website into a resource for information per various topics of your choice that you have setup. You can control access to forum topics by assigning access keys to individuals or groups of members to access the content of a specific forum discussion group.


Unlimited Categories

Create an unlimited number of categories. The categories can be structured up to 2 levels deeps.

Secure & reliable

Create user-groups, assign posting and reading permissions to users, moderate messages and more.

Automatic Email Notifications

The moderators and the user that posted a new topic can receive an email automatically when there is any activity on the given topic.

SEO Friendly

META keywords/description tags are generated on each topic page. The category and topic URL's are also SEO Friendly.

Credit System

The site admin has the option to charge(or not) site users credit-points to post new topics or view topics. The site admin also has the option to reward site users by allowing them to earn credit-points for viewing and/or posting to the forums.

Access Control

The administrator(s) can setup security roles for which group of users has access to certain categories. Content can also be hidden if an individual or group of members do not have access to those content.

Search Engine

We index the forum content using Lucene.Net for more accurate search results when searching for what you need.

RSS Feeds

Your web site users/visitors can get a RSS Feed that they can use in any RSS Reader that will show them the latest topics that have been added on your web site.

Recycle Bin

All deleted topics are placed in a recycle bin where the Administrator(s) can restore or permanently delete topics.


When topics are saved, viewed or deleted on your website an activity is written for the administrator to search through to view.