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User Reviews


The “User Reviews” module allows your users to review products and services which are sorted into categories. Categories and subcategories are required to use this module. Once you create a category and select it you will have an additional button that will read “Manage Reviews”. Once you click this button you will be taken to a screen to add, edit and delete reviews.


Add Review


When clicking the “Add Review” button on the top of your screen you will have the following options:


List Under – Select a category from the dropdown to list this review below, you must select a subcategory.

List Under Portal – Select the portal from the dropdown for this review to display. This option will only be visible if you have the portal module enabled.

Question – Enter the question you want to ask your users.

Custom Options – If this question as custom options such as “Yes” or “No” then by selecting “Yes” will take you to another screen for you to specify options that a user can select from a dropdown menu when writing a review.

Rating – If you want this question to have a one to five star rating then select “Yes”, otherwise select “No”.

Text Area – “Check” if you want this to show in a larger text box for your users to write a long answer to the review, otherwise leave this unchecked.

Share question between all categories. – If this option is checked then the created question will appear in all your categories you have created.




Enable the user reviews? – Select “Yes” to enable the user reviews module, otherwise select “No”.

Number of reviews to show per a page. – Enter a numeric value for the number of reviews to show per page when a user is viewing all the reviews that your users have submitted.




Keys to access the user reviews. – Select the necessary keys to access the “User Reviews” module.

Keys to write a review. – Select the default keys a user will need to post a new review inside of a category. When adding a category the “write” keys for a category will overwrite this option.

Keys to manage the user reviews. – Select the keys a user must have to manage the “User Reviews” module. Users in this key will be able to edit and delete categories and reviews for this module.


Web Pages


This screen will allow you to modify the main user reviews page that a user will view when entering the “User Reviews” module. You can also modify individual category pages by selecting the dropdown for “Page to Modify”.


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