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User Profiles


The “User Profiles” module allows your users to create profiles by answering questions that the administrator has specified. There is also a built-in “match maker” in this module that can be enabled which allows gender and radius searching of a profile.




Enable the “User Profiles”? – Select “Yes” if you want to use the “User Profiles” on your website, otherwise select “No”.

Ask users when they signup to fill out their profile? – When this option is enabled, it will ask the users to fill out their profile after they sign up on your website.

Approval email address. (Leave blank to disable) – Enter a valid email address to allow approval of profiles before they are available to your users, otherwise leave this option blank to disable this feature.

Number of pictures a user can upload. – You must enter a numeric value for the number of pictures a user can include in their profile.

Enable the “match maker”? – If this option is turned on then the user will be ask a question that will read “About my Match” to answer, as well, if they want to display their profile on match making searches on your website. When a user searches the “User Profiles” match they will also be asked to search the “match maker” as well as a radius search where they enter their zip code and how many miles from their zip code to display profiles for.

Require profile after signup. – If this option is enabled then after a user signs up on your website, they will be taken to another page to answer profile questions so their profile is created after signup.

Allow HTML code in the user comments. – This option will allow your web site visitors to enter HTML code if they know HTML into comments for users on your web site.
Require members to upload a picture when creating a profile. – Select "Yes" to require a photo to be upload to a user profile when a user creates their profile.




Keys to be able to access the “User Profiles”. – Select the keys a user must have to be able to have access to the “User Profiles” module.

Keys to view other profiles. – Select the keys a user must have to be able to view profiles that other users have created on your website.

Keys to add an entry or edit their profile – Select the keys a user must have to add a new profile to your website about themselves. The users will also be able to modify their own profile.

Keys to manage the “User Profiles”. – Select the keys a user must have to be able to manage the “User Profiles” module. Users in this key will be able to modify and delete profiles that user have created as well as add, modify, and delete questions that are asked to your users.


Web Pages


This screen will allow you to modify the main “User Profiles” page that a user will see when entering the “User Profiles” module.


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