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Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird

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  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird.

  2. Click on the Tools menu -> Select Account Settings from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click on the Add Account button.

  4. The Account Wizard will begin. Make sure the Email account radio button is selected . Click Next.

  5. Enter Your Name and your Email address as shown below, where yourdomainname.com is your actual domain name. ClickNext


  6. Make sure the pop radio button is selected. In the Incoming Server, enter mail.yourdomainname.com. Click Next


  7. Enter your Incoming User Name. This is your username with @yourdomainname.com following. Click Next to proceed.

  8. Enter your email address as your Account Name . Click Next to proceed.


  9. Review the information and click Finish. .

  10. Select Outgoing Server (SMTP) settings and enter mail.yourdomainname.com as the Server Name and 25 as the Port . Make sure Use name and password option box is checked and use your full user name as the User Name


  11. Click the "Ok" button.

Article ID: 4, Created On: 2/14/2013, Modified: 2/14/2013