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The “Guestbook” module is used for users to leave messages on a single page on your website. Other users will be able to view anything that a user has posted. The management of this module allows you to edit and delete entries that users have posted to your website.




Enable the guestbook? – Select “Yes” to enable this module so it’s viewable to your users otherwise select “No”.

Days until old messages get deleted. – Enter a numeric value until messages will get deleted from your website.




Keys to access the guestbook. – Select the keys a user must have to access the guestbook page.

Keys to sign the guestbook. – Select a key that a user must have to post a new entry into your guestbook for other users to see.

Keys to manage the guestbook. – Select the keys a user must use to edit and delete guestbook entries.


Web Pages


This option allows you to modify the main page to the “Guestbook” module that the user will view when they access this module.

Article ID: 34, Created On: 2/14/2013, Modified: 2/14/2013