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Affiliate Manager


The “Affiliate Manager” allows you to pay your affiliates a percentage that you have specified. To pay a user, you just simply click the “Pay User” button next to a username. This button only shows if you owe the user money. The button will take you to PayPal gateway to send the affiliate their money. Right now the affiliate payout is only supported by PayPal to make a transaction safe and easy.


You can also upload images that your affiliates will see when in their affiliate account or other users will see when joining the affiliate program. These images generate the HTML code a user can copy and paste into their website.




Enable the Affiliate module? – This option can be enabled or disabled, meaning if you want to use this module or not.


Payout Percentage. Only enter a number, not a percent sign. – Specify a numeric value here that is set by default when a user joins the affiliate program. You can also have control over each user if you want to boost percentages up by user.




Keys to join the Affiliate program. – Select the keys to be able to become a part of the affiliate program.


Keys to manage the Affiliate program – Select the access-keys to have access to manage your affiliate members and to pay your affiliates. (Default is the Administrator)

Article ID: 20, Created On: 2/14/2013, Modified: 3/11/2013