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Category Setup

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Category Setup




This screen is for modifying an existing category or deletion of categories. This screen shows categories that are used in every module that has categories. You can also select a list of categories by checking the boxes and do a mass update from the action dropdown.


The mass update allows you to change the access keys, write keys, and manage keys, portals to list categories in and modules to show the categories in without modifying each category separately.


Add Category


This is where you add categories to the modules that support categories.


If the portals are enabled then you will have a list of portals to list the created category in. You will also have an option to share content in the category. If the “Content Sharing” is enabled then any posts per a category in any portal will show the content in every portal you have selected, otherwise the content will only show in the portal that it’s posted to.


Category Layout


The category layout includes five different designs for you to select from to list the modules that have categories in another format. Some layouts have counters that show the number of posts in the given category, and some show subcategories below the main category that you can click on. All you have to do is select the layout that best fits your needs.


Category Order


This allows you to order the categories by the way you like. All you need to do is select the dropdown box that displays the numerical order and change to the number of your choice. The “List Under” checkbox is used only for a category layout that has the subcategories showing under the main categories, allowing you to decide which subcategories to put below the main categories. If a category has subcategories then you can click on the “Root” to order the subcategories.



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