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Ask a questions. We will give you the solution. we always ready to help with you to grow your business. We will give you the solution. we always ready to help with you to grow your business.

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Answers to the most commonly asked questions to our support team.

The FAQ's will help you gain a better understanding on what our portal software can offer you for your personal or business need. If you need any additional help; you can always contact us at anytime.

We are a Microsoft Windows environment hosting services and our servers are backed up daily and are in a secure data center in the United States. In addition your web site administration control panel is so flexible that it enables you to download any file or content of your web site onto your computer for extra storage purpose.
  • Microsoft Windows 2012 or later server
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 or later
  • Microsoft .NET 4.6 or later

There are several areas in our software that you can control which groups of members have access to certain pages / content. You can control access to the whole module / page, or by viewing content in a category or posting content to a module.

In addition to access control you can hide content if a user does not have access or you can show the link and when a user without access clicks the link they will be prompt to upgrade their membership.

All of the content in every module and every page automatically generate meta tags and rewrite the URL to a SEO Friendly URL. For an example if you post an article with the title of "Automotive Information", instead of a user going to, the user will go to

Most of our modules automatically generate RSS Feeds for news, articles, FAQ's, etc. You can also put an RSS Feed link on your pages and we will parse the RSS Feed and display the content on your web page.