Earn Money with SepCity Portal Software Solution

Earn Money

Become an Affiliate

Earn 10% off of all of our web portal Software sales and services. If you refer someone to SepCity.com through our affiliate links you will earn 10% on one-time pricing plans and our recurring payment plans. You will earn money as long as the new customer’s account remains current with SepCity Inc.

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Become a Reseller

As a SepCity web portal Software reseller, you decide how much to bill your clients but you receive 20% off the cost of SepCity Web Portal Software and services; (Except for web templates). With SepCity.com reseller program you will bill your clients and SepCity will bill you at a 20% discounted rate. You get access to the user-friendly back-end Reseller Control panel where you can manage your licenses and clients base.

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Web Designers / Developers

If you are a web designer/developer and want to earn money by designing templates for SepCity.com web portal software, you can start that process by signing up via the link below. You can set your own price for your templates and SeCity only charge you 15% fee per templates sale.

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