CMS Messenger Screen Shot

Our built-in features that are available to every one of our customers have Collabroation built into our web portal software. We have a internal messenger for your users to send messages to other users if they are offline or online on your website. Users will be able to read their messages and send a reply, block users from sending them messages, forward messages or even view their sent messages.

As an administrator you will be able to send messages to all your members on your website. When a message is sent from your website the user will be notified by email that they receive a message on your website with a link to view their message. This allows more traffic back to your website improving your number of hits and users coming back.


One of our many features include a messenger which will enable your members to send private messages to each other. When a page within your website shows the user that posted content on your website; your users have the ability to click their user name to send them a message instantly.

The messenger includes the following features:

Read Messages The messages shows you unread and read messages
Send Message Send messages to other members on your website
Blocked Users Members can block other members from sending them a message
Send Mass Messages The administrator has the ability to send messages to all members on the website
Review Email Members will receive an email when they receive a new message on your website with a link to view the message