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Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to generate an extra income, simply from promoting products and services online even when we don’t have any of them. In Affiliate marketing, conversion is the key – engage and encourage your visitors to buy the product via your affiliate link.

Equipping companies with the technology to measure, analyze, and optimize performance marketing results in real time.

How Does Sepcity’s Affiliate Module Work?

Sepcity’s Affiliate program, Registers, Manages, and Pays Your Affiliates In One Easy-To-Use Admin Interface. Our Affiliate program integrates throughout our entire site from:

  • Signup and Membership fees
  • Shopping Mall
  • Download module
  • Classified Adds
  • Auctions
  • And more…


Get affiliates to generate more sales by setting up your very own Reward System. Give affiliates a financial incentive by giving out bonuses when they reach a specific goal (points) or promote them to a higher tier or affiliate group.


Setup unlimited banners of all shapes and sizes. Add unlimited banners of any size that you want. You can also add gif banners that make your promotions more interactive.

Sepcity’s affiliate program has links that are embedded in the banners and track affiliates sales. Images that affiliates are able to use to promote products and/or services.

Backlinks- With these links helps your site rank higher with search engines as no redirect is made from the affiliate's website to yours, making it seem like a direct inbound link to your site.

Our Affiliate Module gives you All the options to fully customize it the way that you need it to run a successful Affiliate Marketing Program.

Affiliate Program allows you to create a custom commission structure with multiple levels and a forced matrix option. You can have a 5 by 5 matrix commission levels and a maximum matrix width of 5 members.

What is a Forced Matrix System?

A Forced Matrix is a system where there is a limit to the number of referrals any affiliate member can refer. Affiliates can build teams of five across and 5 down to generate residual income from their team.

Sepcity’s Affiliate Program provides you with an affiliate marketing platform where you can register, manage and pay affiliates all in one easy-to-use admin interface.